Waking Winter

Hello friends I’m pleased to announce my first book,
Waking Winter, is out on Amazon!

This book has been a labor of love. I wrote it as a Christmas gift for my nieces four years ago. I’ve been wanting to publish it for awhile, but knew I needed a good illustrator. After playing with the idea of publishing for awhile I asked some friends on the internet if they knew of any illustrators. One of them gave me Elizabeth Hoffman’s name. I contacted her to see if she would be interested in illustrator my book. To my great surprise and delight she was. We started talking plans and she sent me some sketches. I absolutely loved them and knew I had made a good choice. After over a year of planning and working around our schedules we are finally releasing Waking Winter!

It is the story of an overwhelmed gnome, by the name of Mopbeard, who must wake a grumpy dragon in order to save Christmas. 

Pick up a copy for the kid in your life today, or buy a copy for yourself. 

Have a very merry Holiday season!

~Lady of the Pen~

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