The Power of Live Music

A small mythpunk concert I went to the other night with S.J. Tucker, Sharon Knight, Betsy Tinny, and The Nathaniel Johnstone Band. (You should check them out!)

Music is the language of the heart. It has a way of bypassing our brain and striking at our core. In our modern life music has never been more accessible. With the click of a button we can listen to thousands of artists from around the world. It has opened up a world of music; and I am very thankful. There are many artists I never would have found without the internet.

But in our modern world of easy access and mega stars we loose something. There is  power to live music that you can’t find in a recording. It’s a conversation between the artist and the audience, a sharing of hearts. This can happen at home listening to music on your (Insert Preferred Musical Gateway), but there’s something raw and organic when it’s live and the artist is reading the room and the atmosphere and is adjusting for the audience. That is something a recording can never give you. That said, my favorite live performances are in small intimate settings. Places where there are no barriers between musician and audience. Where we all feel like friends, instead of part of a faceless mob. When it feels like a conversation between artist and audience instead of a worship service to an idol on a stage. Not that big concerts can’t be amazing–They can be glorious! But it’s harder to feel that connection.

To me the intimate settings are how music was meant to be shared. These are the settings where your local artists play. The people who may never be famous. Never “Make It,” according to the world’s views of success, but they still play. And despite what the world says they will touch many lives in those small intimate settings. They won’t just have fans, who follow, but never truly know them, they will make friends and allies. There will be sharing, feedback, and life will happen.

The beauty of small local artists is the give and take relationship we share. They’re like the bards of old. They travel, spreading music, and speaking to us on a level beyond common speech, often times expressing our feelings better than we can ourselves. And in return we give our support and love. We take what we need from the music and return the favor in kind words, a hug, a piece of art, buying their CD, or donating money. They need us and we need them. Without musicians, artists, and writers, the world would be a sad dull place. We are meant to create and be part of a community and it’s a beautiful sight when we see all the different parts working together.

There’s nothing wrong with loving popular music, I know I do. But we should also support our local artists, because I can guarantee the heart to heart of music in an intimate setting with friends is far sweeter than the hype and excitement of a mega concert.

~Lady of the Pen~

“I know the murmur of music reveals
The things no human heart could comprehend”

– Emilie Autumn – Alas (the Knight)

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