Permission to be Random

I suppose I view this blog as my writing blog, thus I only seem to want to post when I have cool writer stuff to write about. Unfortunately I don’t always have those kinds of things to say, which makes my post to my blog quite slow. As such I’m giving myself permission to be random yay! If I have something fun to write about I’m going to write about it even if it isn’t about writing *gasp*.

So be forewarned you might want to run for the hills, climb a tree and hope my blog posts don’t find you.

Now I’m going off to the coffeeshop, to drink some hot tea, that will hopefully help with my annoying cold, and I’m going to try and finish my allusive Belated New Year’s story. With me luck.


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One response to “Permission to be Random

  1. Random totally works. Sounds fun! I’m all ears. No tree-climbing for me.

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